Proton Saga SV 1.3  ( click here for Specifications)

The Saga SV, the acronym standing for Super Value, becomes the cheapest Proton currently available. The more eagle-eyed will notice that the car features both FLX and SV badging on the tailgate. The car is part of the Saga FLX model range, but will simply be known as the Saga SV.



Proton Saga SV 1.3 price on the road*  :

Auto = RM 36,099.84  ( Solid Color White) | RM 36,576.84  (Metallic Color: Black, Silver, Blue, Brown, Red )

Manual = RM 33,242.40  ( Solid Color White) | RM 33,719.40  (Metallic Color: Black, Silver, Blue, Brown, Red )

Proton Saga SV Accessories : Carpet Mat, No.Plate Holder, Security Etching.


Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE  CVT


Proton Saga 1.6 SE CVT Price on the Road :

Auto : RM 49,067.70 ( Solid Color White ) | RM 49,644.70 ( Metallic Color Red )

Proton Saga 1.6 SE CVT Accessories :

Full SE Bodykit, Leather Seat, Radio with USB/AUX, Steering with Audio Control, ABS, Driver Seat Height Adjuster and all same with ( SAGA FLX 1.3 Executive accessories ).


Proton Saga 1.3 FLX Executive

proton-saga flx-horz

Proton Saga 1.3 Executive on the road price:

Auto : RM 43,844.92 ( Solid Color ) | RM 44,644.70 ( Metallic Color )

Manual : RM 41,419.00 (Solid Color) | RM 41,896.00 ( Metallic Color )


* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

* Terms and Condition applied to Specifications and colors

* All the on the road prices are based on Peninsula Malaysia only and are subject to change without prior notice.

* Prices are different for Sabah And Sarawak and other countries.